Reception 2017 - 2018

Miss Roberts

Reception class teacher

8 September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead. Over the past few days, Reception have begun to settle into the school routine excellently and are forming some good friendships, as well as trying hard and being willing to give everything a go! During the Autumn Term we are looking forward to some exciting learning and new topics.

In Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which has a strong emphasis on learning through play. Our learning will take place through different topics which will follow the interests of the class. These can last between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on the overall enthusiasm for the theme.

In the next few weeks, we will send home a ‘continuing the learning journey’ letter explaining what our topic is and ideas of how you can support your child at home. During the chosen topic, children will experience fun, independent learning activities as well as adult led learning. These activities will be aimed to suit the needs of your child at their level and encourage the children’s creativity, exploration skills, physical development and their abilities to interact with others. Adults will assess the children’s progress through observations of their play and the outcome of their adult led learning experiences. Assessments will then, in turn, direct future activities.

On the 18th September, we will start to introduce our daily phonics, maths and reading sessions. The children will either begin with Phase 1 or 2 of Letters and Sounds. Phase 1 focuses on developing children’s speaking and listening skills whilst phase 2 introduces different letters and helps the children to build words. The children will practise reading and writing these sounds in isolation, as well as in simple words. Next week, your child will be sent home with a book to suit their reading needs. Please aim to read with your child for 5 minutes each day.

So that we can communicate with each other when your child has read, we are also providing a reading diary. This needs to be filled out each time your child has read. In the welcome meeting we mentioned our reading stars challenge. Every Friday we count up how many times your child has read and for every 10 times they have read, their picture goes on a different coloured star. When they have read 100 times they get to choose a special book which will be given to them by Mr Whelan.

We will change your child’s reading book every Monday and Friday. If your child has finished their book before the day that it is being changed, please encourage them to read the book again. This supports children with their vocabulary, word recognition, rhyme, fluency, understanding and confidence. We will stick a letter in the front of your child’s reading diary to explain this further.

As part of our school routine, on Monday I would like the children to come into class by themselves. This will help your child to further settle into their morning routine and encourage their sense of independence.

In reception, we use the rainbow, sunshine, raincloud and thunder cloud reward chart as well as a red spot. Children have a chance to move onto the rainbow where they will receive a special sticker. However, if children need to think about their behaviour we ask them to sit on the red spot for 3 minutes. If bad behaviour continues we move them down the behaviour chart to the raincloud and thundercloud.

Next week we will introduce a star of the day and on Fridays, a star of the week. The star of the weeks gets to take Diggy the Dog (the class dog) home with them. It would be great if you could fill in Diggy’s diary with pictures and explain what adventures you have been up to together.

Key information:

• Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school at all times. We have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.

• All children need to bring a water bottle to school every day.

• Please inform your child if they need to order a school dinner before they come into school.

• As your child will always have access to the outdoors, please ensure that they are supplied with suitable clothing for the weather.

• Please keep all books (story, reading log, question booklet and home school book) inside your child’s book bag.


I know that this is a lot of information, so if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Miss Roberts

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