Year 2 2017 - 2018

Mrs Williams

Year 2 class teacher

Mrs Milner

Year 2 class teacher

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to a new term and a new year. We are happy to have all the children back and ready for another exciting term, and as a class we have already made an excellent start to our learning. The children have come back to school focused and excited about the learning opportunities we have in store for them.

This term Mrs Williams and Mrs Hubbard will share the curriculum, making links where possible and of course constantly sharing the achievements and progress of your children. We have included a brief overview of this term’s activities below:

Topic: Our History theme for the term is Fire Fire! In our topic we will start by investigating the Fire of London. We will be asking questions about the past and using artefacts, pictures, stories, and online resources to find the answers! We are planning on arranging a visit to Nantwich Museum to learn about the Fire of Nantwich. The children will be able to compare the two events and look at some of the similarities and differences. We will be covering all the skills in our curriculum through exciting and relevant activities.

Literacy: This term in Literacy with Mrs Williams, we will be reading "Into the Forest" by Anthony Browne. We will be making predictions about the story, creating a sound performance, list poem and lots of drama and role play!

We will then look at writing our own character profiles and descriptions, before becoming authors of our own story about a journey into the forest!

To support our work in class it would be extremely helpful if you could constantly remind the children, when completing homework, that they must write in sentences using capital letters and full stops. They should also attempt to use adjectives (describing words), adverbs (words that describe a verb) and connectives (joining words).

In handwriting we will continue to use the cursive style to practise the correct letter formation in preparation for children to begin to join their letters.

In order to support your child’s learning we ask that your child is heard to read by someone at least 3 times a week and a note made in their reading record books. We will change books whenever the children put their book bags in the basket. Children will have lots of opportunities to read in class.

Maths: The skills Mrs Williams will cover are counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 from any number, forwards and backwards. They will learn about recognising place value of each digit in a 2 digit number, and compare and order these numbers. Moving on from place value, we will be focusing on our addition and subtraction skills. As a year group we will be focusing particularly on learning number facts in order that the children can have instant recall of them, starting with doubles to 5 + 5, and number bonds to 10 and 20. Finally we will move onto multiplication, concentrating on the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

With Mrs Hubbard, the children will be estimating and measuring length using a range of different equipment. We will be learning about the different units we can use for measuring length, weight and capacity. We will learn how to read different types of scales, while also compare and order the measurements. After this we will be looking at different types of graphs such as pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and charts. The children will be taught how to read, construct and interpret these.

Science: Our science lessons this term are all based on materials! We will need to know the difference between natural and manmade materials in order to classify materials. We will also be identifying materials which can be altered by twisting, pulling and stretching. In addition we will investigate how materials are altered when they are changed by heating or cooling.

Computing: In Computing the children will be learning how to program the computers to make items on the screen move. The children will have a number of problems to solve and will tackle them in two stages – firstly thinking about the steps to follow and then programming the software to follow the steps.

R.E. – This half term the children will be learning about the Bible and why this is important to the Christian faith.

P.E: Our PE lessons this term will be taught alongside a specialist PE teacher, Miss Berry, who will teach multi skills. This helps children to improve and practise a range of skills that are needed to play a range of different games. Please ensure your child has appropriate kit in school and that pumps fit. P.E. lessons will take place on Wednesday and Friday

Spellings will be sent out on a Thursday and tested on the following Wednesday. Please spend some time each week with your child learning these spellings as they are linked to the work we have been doing in school. It would also be helpful if you could sign the spelling book each week and if needed inform us how your child has found learning the spellings.

Homework: The children will be given two homework books – one for maths and one for literacy. They will be alternated on a weekly basis so the children will either have maths or English to complete. The books will come home on a Monday and will need to be returned by the following Monday, giving the children a full week to complete their task.

Water bottles: Please could you ensure that your child has a named water bottle every day, particularly while the weather is still so warm.

Snack Money: If your child would like snack at morning break, please could you send the money in a named envelope, with details of the required snacks. Money needs to be in on a Monday morning, as we are unable to take money during the week.

If you have any questions, please call in to speak to any member of the year 2 teaching staff and we will do our best to help.

Mrs Williams, Mrs Hubbard, Miss Buckley and Miss Bailey

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