Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mr Goacher

Year 3 teacher


Dear Parents/Carers,


I am very pleased to inform you that the children have begun life in year 3 with great enthusiasm and energy and seem ready for a year of great learning.


I am looking forward to an exciting year where we will get the opportunity to explore many different topics and ideas together. This letter provides some information about the Year 3 curriculum for the Autumn Term which I hope you find useful.


We will be looking at a number of different texts (both fiction and non-fiction) over the Autumn Term. Primarily, ‘Stone Age Boy’ and poetry will form the basis of our work in English.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling work will also continue this term.

In our reading sessions, children will have the opportunity to read, listen to and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books. We will continue to focus on developing inference skills in order to interpret information in a text.

Please continue to listen to your child reading at least three times a week. Their reading diaries need to be dated and signed and any comments about their reading would be appreciated. While your child reads it is recommended that you talk about the book, using questioning to check that they fully understand what they are reading


This term we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. Through this work the children will become equipped with a range of new skills, while developing existing ones which can then be applied to many areas within problem solving. Throughout the autumn term we will also set aside time during our lesson starters for work on times tables and the children will also be tested on these weekly. Problem solving will feature heavily in the children’s work, as we aim to get them thinking more independently on how to tackle different challenges and recognise that many problems can be solved in a wide variety of ways.


This term we are looking firstly at Rocks and then moving onto Light. Through these units children will learn to identify and classify different types of rocks, what fossils are and how they are formed, recognise that we need light to see things and that darkness is the absence of light, that shadows are formed when a light source is blocked and that light can be reflected from some surfaces.




Our cross curricular study is history topic looking at the Stone Age. We will be covering areas such as:

  • What happened to woolly mammoths?
  • How long ago was ‘The Stone Age’?
  • Where did Stone Age people get their food and clothes?
  • What were their homes like?

Through our work we hope to find answers to all of these questions and more.


The first unit of work is called ‘We are programmers’ and it is all about becoming a better programmer. The children will create an animated cartoon using characters they design. Children will also have the opportunity to record sound effects/music to their cartoon. After half term we are looking at “We are bug fixers”. This unit will be carried out using a program called Scratch, during which the children will be taught how to spot and fix bugs in computer programmes. Our ICT work will link to other curriculum areas where appropriate.

P. E.

Please ensure your child has appropriate kit in school and that shoes fit correctly. Indoor kit should consist of shorts, pumps and t-shirt. Long trousers, sweat shirts and suitable outdoor sports shoes for outdoor lessons. P.E. lessons will take place on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.


Homework will be given out on Friday and returned to school on the following Thursday. English and Maths homework will be sent home on alternate weeks.  All homework will be based on the previous week’s class work, and most children should be able to complete it with minimal support. 

Spellings will continue to be sent home on a Monday and tested on Friday. The spellings are linked to the keywords and spelling rules set out in the National Curriculum, and it is important that the children spend a little time each evening practising their spellings and becoming more familiar with the spelling rules.

If you have any questions/concerns please come to see me after school or make an appointment through the office. I look forward to meeting you all during the parent evenings in October.

Kind Regards


Mr T. Goacher

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