Year 4 2016 - 2017

Mr Quinn

Year 4 class teacher


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break. The children in Year 4 have made a brilliant start to the school year and I expect this to continue into this term!

English: This term will have a focus on narrative writing, we will be learning a new story (Lost) and using this to form and shape our own writing. We will be innovating this story, before inventing a brand new journey story. The children will also have a chance to develop their skills in non-fiction as well and there will be time again for drama, role play and debate.

Spelling: Spellings will be sent home each week. These spellings will complement the spelling rule that has been learned that week at school, or one that has been previously learned. A spelling test will take place on the Friday of each week based on these words so please ensure that your child is getting plenty of spelling practice at home!

Reading: Please continue to find the time to read with your child, and ask them questions about what they have read to test their understanding. Any work you can do with your children at home to reinforce what they are doing at school really will make a huge difference. Children are expected to read at home at least three times a week and this is to be noted in their reading diary by a parent/carer. Reading diaries will be checked regularly and those children that have not read at home with an adult will join Mr Whelan’s reading club on a Friday lunchtime.

Maths: This term, we will continue to look at Measure. This is a fantastic topic to practise with your child at home, with great opportunities for working with time, metres and centimetres, grams, kilograms, litres and millilitres. Any support with this, which you can provide to your child at home, will be hugely beneficial to them. After studying measure, including area and perimeter, we will look at Shape and Statistics. As with all of our subjects this year there will lots of opportunities for interactive and outdoor learning! The Khan Academy is a fantastic, free, online maths resource that can support your child, at home, with a wide range of maths topics. It provides video tutorials and online activities which your child can complete in their own time.

Science: In Science this term, we will be finishing off our work on ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. The children will learn to construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey. The children will use their scientific skills to record, analyse, interpret and classify, as well as formulating their own questions for practical enquiry. Later in the Summer Term, we will be delving into Sound and Electricity.

Topic: Our topic for this term is Contrasting Localities. Children will discover the human and physical geography of Nantwich and make comparisons to how life is different in Paris, France. The children will be encouraged to ask questions and organise their own research with a view to sharing this with their peers.

P.E: The children will have two PE sessions a week this term, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school at all times however, as this day may be liable to change. This term will have a focus on Athletics, with children improving their running, jumping and throwing skills.

French: French lessons for Key Stage 2 will be with Madame Potts again this term. This lesson will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Homework: A Maths or English piece of homework will be sent out each week on a Tuesday, where appropriate. Topic homework will be sent home once every three weeks, on a Friday. This will allow your children to produce a really fantastic piece of work that they can be proud of. For the topic homework, the children will be given a theme and then asked to be as creative as they like. Please encourage your child to complete all homework to a high standard and use a date and title just like they would at school. The Roald Dahl challenges will continue, with more prizes up for grabs! Please continue to work with your child and encourage them to check, edit and improve their writing, in order to produce their best work.

So that your child can have a drink throughout the day please ensure that they have a water bottle with them. We cannot provide cups during the day. In addition, please make sure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing every day. We will be going outside for playtimes and during lessons, even if it is raining, so please ensure children have a coat with them.

Details of any important upcoming events, such as the Residential, will be sent out at the relevant times. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues at all.

Kind regards,

Mr S. Quinn


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