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Year 3

Hello from Mr Goacher, Miss Cooke and Mrs Ball


Dear Parents and Children,


Welcome back for our summer term.


It is great to be back in school after a refreshing Easter break. I have got a busy and exciting summer termed all lined up for us and I am really excitited to get stuck into it with you all!


Our overarching theme this term is Ancient Egypt so we will be completeing lots of work relating to this. This will encompas all our History, geopgraphy and artwork under this heading. 



For our English this half term we will be focussing on key writing fundamentals. We will be looking at making our writing both interesting for the reader and gramatically correct. 

We will be using a wide variety of texts to help support our learning that will tie in with our Learning all about Ancient Egypt. These will include ' Egyptology', 'The story of Tutankhamun' and 'The Egyptian Cinderalla' among others.

In order to best support you child's learning we ask that they are read with by and adult or older sibling at least 3 times a week. They will then complete their 'quizes' on these books in school so we can keep a check on their reading progress. 

They will also be having weekly spellings sent home on a Monday that they will then be tested on in school on a Friday.



Our maths work this term will be focussing on ensuring all the children have a secure knowledge of addition and subtraction using both mental and written strategies. We will also be continuing our fractions work from te Spring term looking at finding fractions of amounts.

We will be having a big push with our timestables this term. The children will be assessed on their x-tables in shcool and then allocated a x-table to learn. They will then be tested twice weekly on these in school and must be able to correctly answer 25 mixed questions in 2 minutes to show that they 'know' that table and move onto the next one.We will have a big progress tracker up in the classroom to help motivate teh children to get practicing.


Our PE will take place on Monday afternoons, with North West Coaches, and Friday mornings with myself. Both sessions will be run outdoors (weather providing) so please send your child to school dressed for outdoor PE on both of these days.


For homework this term we have 3 ongogin tasks.

The children will have weekly spellings to practice.

Reading 3x a week with an adult or older sibling.

Practice of their given x-table (this can be through use of TTRockstars, written or verbal practice)

If you have any questions, please contact me on and I will answer any questions you may have as best I can. 


Mr Goacher, Miss Cooke and Mrs Ball