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Year 5

Miss Calland  - Year 5 class teacher

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all!

It was lovely to see so many smiling faces on the first morning after the Christmas holidays, and I am pleased to see that all the children have come back refreshed and ready for the busy and exciting term ahead. This letter provides some information about the Year 5 curriculum for the Spring Term which I hope you find useful.

As part of our cross curricular English work, the children will have opportunity to research, study and write biographies and newspaper reports, and later in the term, our World War I poetry unit will provide the inspiration for our own poetry and creative writing work which I am sure the children will thoroughly enjoy.

In reading lessons, the children will read and discuss a wide range of texts with a strong focus on vocabulary and later in the term, we will be using film as part of our reading lessons with a particular focus on developing the use of inference in order to interpret information.

In mathematics, during the first half term, the children will use the standard written method for multiplication and division and be introduced to factors, prime, square and cube numbers. Our fraction unit during the second half term will further the children’s knowledge of equivalent fractions and enable them to add, subtract and multiply fractions and mixed numbers. In addition to these areas, pupils will continue to develop their mental recall and application skills in mental maths and in problem solving.

This term’s science work will focus on the Earth in space, and the children will learn about the Universe, the galaxies and the solar system - a difficult and abstract topic, but I'm sure the children will enjoy this very much.

Due to our participation in the Nantwich Business Enterprise Programme last term, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and raised over £140 for charity - well done Year 5, we were unable to complete our topic work, so we will be continuing with our ‘Titanic’ topic for a few weeks. Our next topic is entitled ‘Here, There and Everywhere!’ This is a geography themed unit based on the local area and the wider world. During the first part of topic, the children will learn about settlements and develop their geographical skills using atlases and OS maps, use 4 figure grid referencing and follow routes. Our ‘Extreme Earth’ work will introduce the class to the wilder side of the world including violent volcanoes and destructive earthquakes.

Swimming will be part of our PE programme this term for some children with lessons taking place on a Monday afternoon. If your child is not part of the swimming group, they will have an outdoor games lesson during this time, and therefore they will need their outdoor PE kit. Our Tuesday PE session will be a gymnastics lesson taught by Miss Treasure focusing on shape, balance and sequence building.

Home learning has changed this and there will be no weekly home learning written tasks. As a school, we have decided to focus on reading, spelling and times tables. I would like the children to continue to read at least three times a week at home with a parent/ guardian for about 15 - 20 minutes, complete ten Times Table Rock Star sessions and practise spellings as usual. Spelling tests will be on a Thursday and Times Table Rock Star progress will be monitored weekly. If your child is unable to access the Times Table Rock Stars website, paper copies can be provided.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome to Year 5, Miss Bailey, a student teacher, who will be joining us this term as part of her teaching placement. She will support small groups of children in their learning and undertake some simple classroom duties.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. If you have any concerns or queries please come and see me after school, or make an appointment at the school office.

Kind regards,

Miss T Calland