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Year 6

Miss Davenport  - Year 6 teacher

Dear parents,

I hope you all had a nice time over Christmas and now feel excited at the prospect of a New Year. The children worked hard over the Autumn Term, so hopefully they are now feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges. A big thank you for all the lovely cards and presents we received for Christmas. They are very much appreciated.


We have started the term by reading our new class book, ‘Street Child’ which is a story set in the Victorian era. We will be using the book to create diary entries and newspaper recounts during the term. It is a great book and I’m sure that we will generate some lovely writing by using it. We will also produce some cross-curricular writing by producing a non-chronological report about animals which will be linked to our Science work this term. Finally, we will be innovating a familiar fairy tale later on in the term to create some fantastic writing. As well as writing composition tasks, we will be looking at grammar and punctuation in preparation for the GPS test as well as making sure we are using the correct grammar and punctuation accurately in our writing.


I will be sending out a list of 25 spellings which we will be our focus for this half term and another 25 will be sent out for the second half term. These will be from the list of words for year 5 and 6 children from the National Curriculum. The spelling test will take place on a Friday and the words will be selected at random from this list of 25 spellings. In addition to this, we will be learning spelling rules as part of our class activities this year. I will be providing children with a spelling menu of activities which they can use to practise their spellings and I will be checking their homework books for evidence of this.


Please read with your child at least 3 times per week and sign and date their diary.

Obviously, the more you can read with them the more beneficial it will be for both their reading and writing skills. Staff will be checking reading diaries throughout the week and rewarding children who are reading 3 or more times a week with a raffle ticket, children will then have the chance to win a prize in the weekly draw. If children are not reading at home, they will join a reading club at dinner time.


At the start of this term we have looked at reviewing our knowledge and making sure we are remembering what we have already learnt so far this year. It is really important for children to regularly review their learning and therefore I will be making sure children are given plenty of practise in lessons to review prior learning throughout the term. We will also be looking at decimals and percentages, followed by algebra, ratio and measurement. Children will have plenty of opportunity to apply their knowledge to problem solving scenarios and SAT style questions. We will also be looking at using the bar model to unpick word problems so that children understand what calculation they need to do in order to answer a question.


Our science work this term will be focusing on how living things are adapted to their environments and how living things have changed over time, including looking at how fossils help us to understand this. Most of our practical work will be based around making and recording observations and using these to help to answer questions.


Our topic for this term is the Victorians. We will be learning in particular what life was like for children during the Victorian era and how this changed. As part of this topic, we will be going on a trip to Blist Hill later on in the term to experience what life was like in the Victorian era. In our Art lessons we will look at the Victorian artist, William Morris, to produce our own artwork based on his work.


We are very lucky this year to have our PE sessions delivered by Miss Treasure and Mrs Mascarenhas. Our PE lessons will be on Tuesday and Friday. However, it is important for children to have their PE kit in school all week as it may be necessary to change our PE day at short notice or have the opportunity to take part in extra sports sessions. Please make sure that children have suitable outdoor kits with them as we will be doing PE lessons outside.


French lessons for Key Stage 2 will be continuing with Madam Potts this year. Our lesson will be on Wednesday afternoon.


As a school we would now like the focus for homework to be on reading, spellings and times tables. Therefore, homework this term will be the expectation of reading three times a week; practising for spellings which will be evidenced in their homework books and tested on Fridays and using Times Tables Rockstars at least ten times a week.

So that your child can have a drink throughout the day, please ensure that they have a water bottle with them. We cannot provide cups during the day. In addition, please make sure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing each day. We will be going outside for playtimes and during lessons even if it is raining so please ensure children have a coat with them.

Details of the important year 6 events like SATs and trips will be sent out at the relevant times. Should you have any queries in the meantime however, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Miss Davenport