Reading is key to all areas of the Curriculum. As such, Reading has a very high profile at Millfields so the teaching of Phonics, Word Reading and Comprehension take place on a regular basis.Within Reception and Year 1, the children explore texts with an adult either individually or as part of a guided group. They are taught the necessary skills to confidently read and understand a range of texts. From Year 2, the children are taught these skills within a whole class setting.

We also strive to ensure children enjoy reading for pleasure. At the end of each day the children listen to a range of texts, either by the class teacher or a special visitor. We also hold Book Swap days and are looking to develop a larger library.

From Nursery to Year 1, we follow Letters and Sounds to teach the children Phonics. This is through a daily session, which uses practical and fun activities to practice reading and writing; sounds, words and sentences. From Year 2 upwards, the children follow a detailed spelling scheme which teaches the children a range of spelling rules and patterns. Where possible these are linked to the text type they are studying, to ensure the children see the importance of these rules.

For Year 1 –Year 6 the children are expected to be able to read and write a set list of words. In order to meet age expectation, these words have to be spelt correctly in the vast majority of their written work.


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