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We hope that the children all enjoyed their learning last week based on Toys. We absolutely loved seeing all of their work, so thank you to everyone that has uploaded things to Learning Book. Please keep the work coming in. We are commenting on each piece that is uploaded so the children can hear back from us.

This week we are going to continue with our theme of Toys, and all tasks and activities can be found below. We will continue to upload YouTube videos rather than live lessons, in order for you to complete the tasks with your child whenever suits you. We have not specified when tasks need to be completed, as long as they are done by the end of the week we are allowing you and your child to choose as and when they are done. We hope that this eases the pressure on you as parents.

We will continue to upload a daily phonics lesson for the children except for on Monday due to our commitments in school with the Key worker children. In addition, this week there will be two extra videos based on English and History. We will also continue to upload stories onto YouTube for the children to enjoy. However, on Tuesday we would like to do the story live! Therefore, we are inviting the children to join us via zoom. We have sent more information via email. 

Week Beginning: 18th January 2021

Theme of the Week: Toys


Below we have outlined this week’s tasks and activities for the children to complete. If you have any questions please contact one of us, we are more than happy to help any way that we can.


This week we will be continuing with  "Alive in 5". As before, we will be using the videos that have been created by White Rose, which is the scheme that we follow in school. Each day there will be a short film for the children to watch and an activity for them to complete. Please click on the link below to find the


Again, we have created an extra YouTube video for our English Task this week. We will be sharing another book all about Toys, called Lost in the Toy Museum. During this video we will explain and model the task so the children know exactly what to do.

Task: We would like the children to write a note from Bunting back to the other toys. They will need to think carefully about what he will be feeling at this point in the story and what he would want to say to them. There is a space for the children to draw a picture if they would like to.

Please use a piece of white paper or coloured paper to complete this task, so it looks like the notes in the story. They children will need you to draw lines onto the paper to help them keep their letters in order and easy to read.



Please read daily with your child as well as practicing their tricky words. We have attached the list of tricky words below. Once your child knows the ones in their pack, please add the next two. Once they are confident with these you can add two more.


Rainbow Challenges

Red writing Challenge

We would like the children to write an invite to a Teddy Bear’s picnic. They can invite whoever they would like. We have attached an example for the children to look at. Please don’t worry if the children are not spelling words correctly, they just need to try and use their sounds.

Blue maths Challenge

 We would like the children to go on a 2d shape hunt. This could be done in the house or while they are out on a walk. We have attached a sheet that can be used, however if you are unable to print, ask the children to draw the 4 shapes on a piece of paper creating their own recording sheet.

Yellow Challenge

We are going to try something a little different this week. We would like the children to have a go at reading a book with Mrs Swindley. You will find a YouTube video will explain how. Learning Book only allows you to upload short videos. Therefore, you could send us a small snippet, just take a picture and write a brief description of how well they did or you could email us a video.  

Green Challenge

We would like the children to design their very own toy! Can you think of something brand new. You can create your design by drawing a picture, creating a model, painting or however you would like.


Optional Activities

The following activities are things we would have done in school in regards to the topic. We have included them if you would like to complete them with your children.


  • Have a Teddy Bears Picnic. You could make your own sandwiches and cakes to share with all your teddies. You could always play some games with your bears!
  • Play a game of hide and seek
  • Play hide the toy. Ask the children to hide a toy and give you clues where it is using colder, warmer, freezing and hot to help you work out where it is.
  • PE: Follow the link to a another Cosmic Yoga session based on Toys
  • History: Watch the YouTube video based on toys to start to learn about toys from the past.
  • History: Sorting old and new toys. Sheet attached
  • Technology :  Play phase two games on Phonics play:      Username: Jan21  Password: home
  • Role Play: Can you act like different toys and see if you mums and dads can guess what you are.
  • Pen control: draw the path to the toy. Sheets attached
  • If your child is struggling to write their name independently using the cursive style it would also benefit them if they spent 5 minutes practicing this each day.
  • Music: Sing along to our Bear song.