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Welcome to Reception's home learning page. We hope that you find it useful and that it will enable you to support your child as they continue their learning at home. 


Below we have provide several websites that your child can access while working at home allowing them to continue their learning. These are based on a range of skills. 

We have also provided an overview of different themes. Each one is designed to last at least a week, with a range of different activities and tasks that your child can complete. These are based around the key concepts that children in Reception learn best through experiences and exploration. Some tasks will require adult support, as each day the children would be expected to complete at least one task with an adult. 

Alongside this, it is also important that the children are exposed to a range of other opportunities. For example: 

  • Exploring books
  • Playing in the garden
  • Digging in the mud or playing in a mud kitchen
  • Playing board games
  • Jigsaws 
  • Crafts: drawing, painting, playdoh, aquabeads ect. 
  • Building 
  • Playing with toys 
  • Role Play
  • Baking 
  • Playing instruments 



In school, we base our Maths Lessons on a program called, White Rose. Each week they add videos and activities, which can be completed each day. We would strongly advise that the children access this during home learning, as they are based on what we would be working on within school. They can be found at 


Helpful Websites  (phase 1) (phase 1)  online game which develops your child's reading