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Year 3

Monday July 13th

Hi year 3

Here is this week's choice board.

The choice board will show you the activities I have set on Seesaw, with some other optional tasks to have a go at as well.

Anything on the choice board with an underlined heading will have a link that will take you directly to that task. If you see a ‘Seesaw” icon, you will need to log onto to seesaw to complete that task.

I will also add the white rose worksheets each week to the home learning page in case you would like to print them out to complete. However, please do not feel you have to print them off and complete, as the video lessons are now linked to BBC Bitesize, which provides interactive resources for the children to have a go at. I will also provide the answers, should you need them.

Please note my working days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Should you have any questions, then please email me on

Many thanks

Mrs Williams







Hello and welcome to our new Year 3 learning page.!

I hope you are all well. On here I can post activities to help keep you engaged and busy while you are at home.

I am keeping a watch over what everybody is up to and it is great to see you are all so busy. 

Each week I will be uploading new tasks onto both Education City and Seesaw for you to access at home. Education city will be updated weekly, with Seesaw having new activities being uploaded twice a week to help keep you all busy. Or look in the list below for a range of other different places you can find great activities to keep you learning at home.

Writing – Follow the link below to access some great images to inspire you write creatively. The ‘fiction collection’ offers some great ideas to inspire your own story creations from. Alternatively try writing some great descriptions of some of the characters in the ‘Characters’ sections. 

Pobble365 also offers some great image inspirations for creative writing and thinking. Each image comes with several writing ideas of how to get started.

Maths – Follow the link below for a daily maths activity.

Start from week 1 lesson 1 and try to complete 1 task per day. The children use White Rose maths activities in school, therefore these will match up well with previous learning they have already done in school.

Remember to login to your Times Tables Rockstars accounts and keep practicing your times tables.

There are lots of great interactive maths resources and games found on the Topmarks website giving the children opportunities to practice a range of maths related skills.

Oxford owl also have some great maths activities for the children. Some are interactive activities they can complete online, while others are paper resources that can be printed and then tackled by hand.

Reading – Try to stay engaged by reading each day. These can be books borrowed from the school library or your own books from home.

Oxford Owl are offering free access to a wide range of ebooks on their website. Signing up is easy and free using: username: march20     password: home

A chance to her some great stories can be found on the following link if you are into David Walliams stories.

This is the Accelerated Reader website which allows children to complete their reading quizzes just like they would in school. Certificates for each level will be given out on our return to school, so keep quizzing! Some books that aren’t from the school library still have quizzes, so even if you are reading a book of your own, check to see if there is a quiz for it by searching its title. 

History – Get busy learning about the Egyptians by completing some of the activities laid out of the Egyptians activity grid found in your home packs. Here are also some great websites for those of you keen to find out more. Why not use the information you find to create a PowerPoint or a poster about the Egyptians? If you are really creative you could even film yourself and create a short documentary video where you can tell people everything you have learnt about the Egyptians.

PE - Keep an eye out on the Crewe and Nantwich School Sport Partnership Twitter page for the ‘Virtual Challenge’. These are sporting events that you can take part in at home. When a new event is released, I will also upload a video explaining it onto our YouTube channel. I look forward to seeing your entries.


Other - Some ideas if you are taking a break from your indoor lessons -


Another great opportunity is a competition being run by Halbro Sportswear. They are encouraging children to design anew PE kit for their school. The winning entries will then be made for our school based on the winning design. All you have to do is follow the link below, download the template, then get designing.


Remember, keep sending photos of any new experiences you have or any activities you take part in/complete. Also, continue to check on here for new activities. 

Please contact me via email if you are unsure or need help with any of these activities,

Mr Goacher.