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Year 6



Welcome to the year 6 home learning page.


Please find below suggested websites to use with your children if they are unable to attend school.




As a school we use the white rose scheme of learning which follows the national curriculum.


Please click on the link above to view the home learning videos which are avaiable daily. 


I will also attach to the year 6 home learning page the corresponding worksheets for the week.




For English, I would suggest to use the oak academy lessons.  They provide a weekly schedule so click on the link below and then select the day.  You may want to start with Monday as the lessons can sometimes follow on from one another.


Alternatively, BBC bitesize have catch up lessons avaiable which you could use and choose an area of English which you feel you would like a bit of practise with.


Foundation subjects


I would recommend using the Oak Academy lessons for Science, History, Geography or RE.  Each day there will be a different subject avaiable for you to watch and learn.


If you have any questions about the home learning, please get in touch with me via email.


Thank you


Miss Davenport