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Year 6



Welcome to the year 6 home learning page.  


For the next six weeks, your child's learning will be online.  I will set up a timetable for each week for the children to use.  Please see the timetable for this week here (w/c 18th January).


I will set three tasks a day on google classroom (excluding Monday). If you need your child's log in details, please email me and I will send this out to you.


There will be an English task and I will sometimes include a video in the slides to explain the task.

A maths task, I would encourage children to access the white rose home learning video to help with this.  I will attach the sheets for this on this page this week so parents can print these off if children prefer that.

Finally, there will be a topic task. This could be history, geography, science, art, etc.


I will mark the children's work and send it back to them so they know how they have got on


Hopefully, the children are able to use google classroom as we have used it in class. However, again if there are any problems please get in touch.


Each day, I will be on google meet along with Mrs Mascarenhas and Mrs Hooper from 9-9.30am. During this half hour, I will talk through the day's tasks and answer any questions.


We will also go on google meet from 3-3.20 each day. During this session, we will read from our class book (Code Name Bananas, David Walliams) or do a short quiz or an activity as a class.



Please could you let me know if you need any paper resources and I will arrange these over the next week.


In addition to this, please make sure your child is reading 3 times a week.  They can access the accelerated reader quizzes using the link below.


There will be no home learning tasks set on Mondays.  on Mondays, I would encourage your child to access some of the home learning websites below, or go for a local walk, or do some other form of exercise.


I have also included below some other home learning websites which you may find useful.


Oak Academy


This website has learning videos and tasks which are arranged weekly or by subject for you to choose from.

BBC Bitesize


 This website is sorted by topic area for you to choose from.  There may be an area of Maths, English or Science you may want to review or access some new learning. 


Topic work

 The topic for this half term is WW2 so I would encourage children to do their own learning about WW2 .  This could include looking at:




-the countries involved in WW2

-the home front

-the blitz

-how the war started and ended



Below is a link to the Oxford Owl free E-book library. There is a wide range of E-books available for your child to read on their own or share with an adult. You are required to create a login to access these but it is all free of charge.

15- 30  minutes each day please and remember to log on to the Accelerated reader website when you have completed your book. 

 AR Website


The sports coaching group are offering live PE videos every weekday at 10am with various Sports Coaching Group coaches as well as their mascot Tommy the Tiger.

This weeks timetable is: Monday: 15 minute circuit & Boxercise Tuesday: 15 minute circuit & COMPETITION (weekly winners) Wednesday: 15 minute circuit & Early Years Thursday: 15 minute circuit & Dance Friday: 15 minute circuit & Sport Specific FUNdamental skills

Parents can subscribe to our Youtube channel where children and parents can join us live daily from 10am or if they cannot make 10am the videos will all be stored and available for use at a time that suits them. The link for the Sports Coaching Group Channel is below, all videos will appear here: Let's get active!


If you have any questions about the home learning, please get in touch with me via email.


Thank you


Miss Davenport