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Year 1

Miss Roberts - Year 1 Class Teacher

Dear Parents and children,

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter and are safe and well at this very strange time. Welcome to the Summer term which you are starting at home rather than at school which seems very odd! The curriculum for this term will need to be adapted for home learning, but wherever possible, I will try to plan tasks which are similar to those that the children would complete in school. Just like in school we will be focusing on a theme and our theme for the first part of the Summer term is minibeasts. 

There are a few different places to look for activities. Firstly there are links on the home learning page on the website that you can access. I will also be setting weekly tasks on Seesaw. This is a new learning platform that the children can access from  Monday, the 27th April. You will be sent information regarding how to use it, and I, myself, will forward you a Home Sign in Text Code so the children can begin to access the tasks that I have prepared for them. I am really looking forward to using this new learning platform as you can send work back to me to look at and mark which will be great!


I will be setting English tasks on Seesaw for you to complete.These tasks will mainly be linked to our theme and focus on skills the children have been taught in year 1.  Please continue to listen to your child read at least three times a week. I have put links to various reading resources on our home learning page. Oxford Owl is a fantastic resource and i have put a link to that on the home learning page and Seesaw.


In addition to the links that I have put on our home learning page, I will also be setting tasks on Seesaw. Again, regarding Seesaw, the tasks that will be assigned for each week (they will appear on a Monday) are to be done when it suits your home life best, just as long as you try to do  them by the Friday. The maths tasks will be a mixture of recapping old learning and introducing new learning too.


Our Science topic for this term is 'Plants'.I will be setting Science tasks on Seesaw to support the learning of this topic. However, many of you have been looking at other areas of Science as well which is great so please continue to do this.


This term we would have been focusing on sports day practice and team games in PE. There are many ways to keep your body healthy and active whilst at home. A lot of the children enjoy the Joe Wicks or Cosmic kids yoga workouts on YouTube. You could ride your bike or go for a daily walk to keep fit. You could even have your own sports day with your family! 

I would like to finish by thanking all of the parents for working so hard to support your child with their learning. From the emails i have been sent all of the children look and sound like they are having fun and enjoying home learning which is lovely to see. If you have any questions please email me.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Roberts