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Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as the new Headteacher of Millfields Primary School and Nursery, and welcome you to what I am sure will be a very busy and exciting year ahead!

As soon as I stepped through the door of Millfields for my interview it was clear how happy, polite and well behaved the children were and what a warm and friendly atmosphere there was in the school. The children are such a delight and it has been fantastic to see how proud they are of their school and their learning.

Like every member of the school staff, my main job is to ensure your child is safe, happy and achieving well whilst they are at school. The whole staff team will be spending the next few weeks making sure all the children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them. We all believe children should feel welcome, inspired, safe and supported when they are learning.

At Millfields, education has always been about developing the whole child and providing opportunities for them to flourish within and beyond the classroom. We are dedicated to building opportunities for students to achieve their potential and that their unique personality, talents and interests are nurtured and developed to the full so they are ready to make the next steps in their learning journey.

From my experience of being a teacher for 21 years and a senior leader for the last 8, I know that a successful and happy school is one where the whole school community work well together. I feel it is important to build positive, honest and open relationships with all our parents and carers and I firmly believe that the education of your child is very much a shared responsibility. I am looking forward to working with you all.

In keeping with my beliefs, I operate an open-door policy so you are always welcome to come and talk to me if you have any questions or issues that you would like to raise.

I am excited to be a part of the future of Millfields and look forward to meeting you all.

Rob Parish