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Pupil Responsibility

Pupil Leadership Representatives

Every class in Year 3 – 6 will elect 2 children to be their representatives on the Pupil Leadership Team.

The team will meet 2 to 3 times every half term.  They will discuss suggestions put forward by their respective class about a range of issues or ideas to help improve the school.  They will be the voice of the pupils and will be expected to be positive role models at all times in the school and ambassadors for Millfields.

Job Description - Pupil Representative

Pupil Leadership Representatives need to have the following personal qualities.




            Friendly and approachable

            Good at listening to others

            Honest and sensible



These are the responsibilities of a pupil representative:

            Attend all meeting, be punctual, be interested

            Gather thoughts of their classmates and share them in meetings

            Look after individual notebooks and write ideas and meeting minutes

            Bring ideas to the meetings that will make the school a better place

            Be prepared to share ideas even if they are not their own

            Feedback information to their own class

            Wear their badge so people know that they are a Pupil Rep.

            Deliver assemblies with the support of Miss Buckley, Mrs Mascarenhas or Mr Parish

            Represent the school and fellow pupils at meetings with other children and adults

            Be proud of our school and want it to be the best it can.


Pupil Online Safety Team (POST)


We have a group of 10 children in KS2, selected from each year group ranging from year 3 upwards. As a member of the POST team, they work together to advise fellow pupils on how to protect themselves when browsing the internet, using social media on smart phones and tablets, or playing online games.

The POST team deliver termly assemblies and set competitions whilst also taking part in a range of termly challenges together set by the POST head quarters.