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Safeguarding inc eCadets and JSO's

 Safeguarding at Millfields

At Millfields Primary School and Nursery, we are committed to the safety and happiness of all our pupils.

If you are concerned about a child or would like to talk through a concern, please ask to speak to any of the following:

  • Mr Parish (Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Headteacher)
  • Mrs Swindley (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Deputy Headteacher)
  • Miss Robinson (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/SENDCo)

As a result of the current measures that are in place due to Covid-19, many children will now be accessing the internet on a more regular basis. The following website helps to support parents in ensuring their children are safeguarded when online. There is also an attachment at the bottom of this page that gives more information. 

Please see below for recommendations of resources and tips to support parents during the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

Child Education Online Protection is a well known and valuable resource bank. Given current circumstances they are releasing a new activity pack every 2 weeks to support parents to deliver online safety activities with children at a time when they will be spending more time online at home.  

- At present many parents will be juggling childcare with working from home. Top tips for parents working from home:  

The NSPCC has created an information and advice resource for parents/careers of young people with anxiety about Coronavirus.  

As always, please feel free to contact the school if you want anymore support or advice.  

Junior Safety Officers

We have three Year 6 children who have taken on the role of Junior Safety Officers in school. Throughout the year they give information in assemblies and organise competitions. Their role is to promote safety and positive social behaviour for the children and wider community.

They have led assemblies and run competitions around:

  • children wearing bright colours when they are out in the winter months
  • firework safety
  • the Green Cross Code
  • wearing helmets when cycling
  • wearing seat belts and using car seats



Here at Millfields Primary School & Nursery, we are part of an exciting scheme called the eCadets. We have a group of 10 children in KS2, selected from each year group ranging from year 3 upwards. As an eCadet, they work as part of a team to advise fellow pupils on how to protect themselves when browsing the internet, using social media on smart phones and tablets, or playing online games.

The eCadet squad deliver termly assemblies and set competitions whilst also taking part in a range of termly challenges together set by the eCadet head quarters. 

play: CBBC Staying Safe online KS2 CBBC Staying Safe online KS2

CBBC Staying Safe online KS2

play: Zap and Zoom Being safe online Early Years and KS1 Zap and Zoom Being safe online Early Years and KS1

Zap and Zoom Being safe online Early Years and KS1