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Year 4

Mrs Williams  - Year 4 class teacher

Mrs Milner  - Year 4 class teacher



Dear Parents, 


Welcome back to a new term and a new year. We are happy to have all the children back and ready for another exciting term, and as a class we have already made an excellent start to our learning. The children have come back to school focused and excited about the learning opportunities we have in store for them. 


This term Mrs Williams and Mrs Milner will share the curriculum, making links where possible and of course constantly sharing the achievements and progress of your children. 


We have included a brief overview of this term’s activities below. 


History:  This term we will be focusing on the Ancient Greeks and how they influenced the Western world, we will learn who they were, how they lived their life,  God and Goddess and how they created the Olympics. Our art lessons will be Iinked to out history ad we will make Greek pots as well as look at drawing modigliani portraits. In DT, we will make and design a Greek temple. 


English: This term, we will be using Greek myths to focus on character and setting descriptions as well as writing our own myth. We will be focusing on using a range of punctuation and conjunctions, fronted adverbials and thinking about the sentence starters we use. 


In handwriting,  we will continue to use the cursive style to practise the correct letter formation to ensure that children correctly join their letters when writing.


In order to support your child’s learning we ask that your child is heard to read by someone at least 3 times a week and a note made in their reading record books.  Books will be changed once your child has completed their Accelerated Reader quiz.


Maths: This term our main focus for mathematics will be Place Value.  Children will understand how to find 1,000 more or less than a given number, recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number, and order and compare numbers beyond 1,000. They will learn how to round any number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000 and solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above and with increasingly large positive numbers before learning how to count backwards through zero to include negative numbers. 


Children need to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of year so these will be practised daily.  Please continue to use TimesTables Rockstars to practise times tables, this allows children to practise multiplication facts in fun and engaging way, however, any additional support with this which you can provide to your child at home will be hugely beneficial to them. This will help to prepare them for their multiplication tables check, which will be administered nationally at the end of the year.


Science:  Science this term will be changing state and living things and their habitats.   The changing state unit will develop and showcase an understanding of all areas of states of matter, including how materials can change from one state to another, through a large range of simple practical enquiries. When we study living things and their habitats we will sort living things into groups, see similarities and differences between vertebrates, identify vertebrate group and identify the characteristics of living things.


Computing: In this unit the children learn how to write a program which accomplishes a specific goal, create a program that includes a logical sequence as well as debug a program they have written. The children will also work on improving their word processing skills.


R.E: In RE we are looking at the religion of Islam. We will be looking at the 5 pillars of Islam, the 5 main aspects that all Muslims follow in their religious lives. 


P.E & Swimming: Swimming lessons will take place every Wednesday from the 15th September . Please ensure your child has a towel and swimming kit in school each week, along with a waterproof coat... just in case! Our PE lesson will be on a Friday, please ensure children come dressed in their outdoor PE kits on these days as we will be outside for PE lessons. 


Spellings: will be sent out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. Please spend some time each week with your child learning these spellings as they are linked to the work we have been doing in school.


Homework: Please focus on daily reading and Timestables Rockstars.


Water bottles: Please could you ensure that your child has a named water bottle every day, particularly while the weather is still so warm. 


If you have any questions, please call in to speak to any member of the year 4 teaching staff or email us (Monday to Wednesday)  or (Wednesday to Friday) and we will do our best to help.

Mrs Williams and  Mrs Milner