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Year 5

Miss Calland  - Year 5 class teacher

23 April 2021

Dear Parents,

 Welcome back to the new term.  It is hard to believe that the children are in their final term of Year 5, and that they will soon be in their last year of primary school. We have a busy term ahead, and I am sure that the children will enjoy the activities which I have planned.

 In English, the first part of the term will focus on narrative writing with a particular focus on describing settings and characters and integrating dialogue within the writing. The inspiration for writing will come from our class book Room 13 which will also be used for our reading activities. Later in the term, the children will have opportunity to research, study and write biographies and newspaper reports. As always, we will focus on some essential writing skills: commas in lists, after adverbials and in multi-clause sentences; use of apostrophes for contractions and possession; and correct use of tense and voice.

In mathematics we will continue to develop an understanding of place value of numbers up to a million, multiply by two digit numbers and divide four digit numbers by a single digit. Later on in the term, our work will cover addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals, and in addition to these areas, pupils will continue to improve their recall and application skills in mental maths and in problem solving.

Our science work for this half term will focus on the Earth in space, and the children will learn about the Universe, the galaxies and the solar system - a difficult and abstract topic, but I'm sure the children will enjoy this very much. 

This half term's topic is entitled ‘Extreme Earth!’ This is a geography themed unit based on the local area and the wider world. During this topic, the children will learn about settlements and develop their geographical skills.  We will also be finding out about the wilder side of the world including violent volcanoes and destructive earthquakes.

 Business Enterprise Project will take place this term. The children will set up and run a small business and take on the responsibility of collecting resources, making, advertising and managing a small budget. This project will be linked to a wider school event, so I am unable to give out any more details at the moment, but it is all very exciting.

 Bikeability Training (Level 2) will take place this term (date to be confirmed).  Level 2 training involves the children being taught how to ride safely on the roads in the local area. If your child does not have a bike, please try and arrange a ‘bike share’ with another pupil in the class.

 P.E. Outdoor PE lessons will take place on Monday and Friday afternoons and will focus on athletics and striking and fielding games.

 I would like the children to continue to read at least three times a week at home with a parent/ guardian and complete ten sessions on Times Table Rockstars.

Spellings will start again week commencing May 4th. The children will highlight the spellings which they need to practise ready for a test each Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. 

 Kind regards,

Miss T Calland