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French Vision

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” Chinese proverb

Learning to speak another language means we can make friends in other countries, understand different cultures and explore our place in the world. It’s also a lot of fun!

Madame Potts comes to Millfields each week to teach French to KS2 pupils. We play games, learn songs and read stories in French, practising our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through topic work.


In Year 3, we learn how to:

·        greet people

·        count up to 31

·        say how old we are and when our birthday is

·        describe our appearance

·        talk about our pets

·        describe the life cycle of a plant


In Year 4, we learn how to:

·        talk about ways to travel

·        say what we like and don't like

·        count up to 69

·        talk about our favourite sports

·        name some wild animals

·        describe the weather


In Year 5, we learn how to:

·        order food and drinks in a restaurant

·        say whether we play a musical instrument

·        ask for and give directions

·        describe a painting

·        talk about the seasons

·        name the planets in our solar system


In Year 6, we learn how to:

·        talk about school subjects and equipment

·        name the continents and main world rivers

·        order food and drinks in a café

·        say what you can see and do in your town

·        describe a visit to a theme park

·        talk about what's in the news