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We hope you have all had a lovely half term, and have spent lots of time playing and enjoying yourselves. 


Theme of the Week: Space

 This week we have a brand new theme based on space, with a particular focus on the stars. We hope the children enjoy it. As always there will be daily Phonics and Maths activities, as well as an English Task and Rainbow challenges. We have also inlcuded a list of optional activitiies for the children to complete. They can choose which of these they would like to complete. As always please upload pictures to Learning Book for us to see how well the children have completed the different tasks. We will also add a comment to each piece, so we can tell the children what they have done well as well as sometimes adding a next step. 

This week will have our live story time on Tuesday 23rd Februrary at 9.30 a.m. We will send further details via email on Monday.


Phonics: The children will continue to have a daily phonics lesson uploaded to YouTube (other than a Monday). These will now be lead by Mrs Moulson and will be focusing on the Set 2 sounds. We hope the children enjoy the challenge of learning the new sounds. 

Maths: We have decided to change the Maths a little, instead of using the White Rose videos we will be uploading our own videos to the school's YouTube channel. We hope the children enjoy them. On Monday the children will be practicing a few different skills based on number. During the rest of the  week we will be exploring addition. 

English: This week we will be focusing on the story "Star in the Jar". A lovely story based on stars and friendship. There will be two videos uploaded on Tuesday and Wednesday where we will read the story together and provide the children with a task. 

Reading   Please read daily with your child as well as practicing their tricky words. We have attached the list of tricky words below. Once your child knows the ones in their pack, please add the next two. Once they are confident with these you can add two more.


Rainbow Tasks 


Blue Rainbow Challenge:  This week we would like the children to play a game. Take it in turns to turn two cards over and say which one has more or less. If you are correct, you win the cards but make sure you count to check you are right. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

You can vary the game by playing it a little differently and play more or less (it is a lot like higher and lower). Start by turning over one card. Predict whether the next card will have more or less stars. How many times can you get it right.

If you are unable to print the cards, the children can create their own on plain paper.


Yellow Rainbow Challenge: Watch the video on YouTube and read a book with Mrs Swindley


Red Rainbow Challenge:  Watch the YouTube video to explore a picture from this week's story. Your challenge is to write a list of 3 objects that you can see in the picture, however each object needs to also have a describing word. For example: red bin, green tree. This can be completed on plain paper or you can print the sheet provided. 

When the children are writing, we would like them to focus on using the sounds they can hear, so please don't worry if the words aren't spelt correctly, as long as they use the right sounds. 

Extra Challenge: If the children would like to challenge themselves further they could choose one object from their list and write a sentence. For example:  I can see a red bin. The black dog is playing with the ball. 


Green Rainbow Challenge: This week’s story is about finding special star. We would like the children to create their own star. We have placed various pictures on the page as ideas which include foil or salt dough but the children can also use their own ideas. 

Optional Tasks and activities 


  • Wish on a star.  Either write down or say out loud something you would like to wish for.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hunt around your house, garden or when you are out on a walk and find different types of treasure just like the boy in our story.    We have added a sheet below if you would like  to use to record our findings. write or draw your findings.
  • Wrap up warm and go  star gazing. Do any of the stars make pictures? Are any of them brighter than the rest?
  • Look at Van Goghs “Starry Night” What do you like? Dislike? Can you make your own version? 
  • Make a machine to catch a star. You could use junk modelling, lego, drawings. Whatever you think will work best.
  • Act out the story with members of your family or create pictures of the different characters to use
  • Decorate a jar for you to collect your own special treasure. You could also decorate a cardboard box. 
  • Watch cbeebies Stargazing: The Grand Tour BBC iPlayer - CBeebies Stargazing - Space Explorers: 1. The Grand Tour
  • PE Space Stories For Kids | Yoga Space Adventure | Cosmic Kids Yoga - Bing video
  • Explore the constellation powerpoint, can you then create your own either by drawing on black paper or joining marshmellows together with tooth picks
  • Go on an adventure like Baby bear in the story Whatever Next (one of this week's stories) you will need to find something you can use as a rocket, helmet and space boots. Don't forget to pack a picnic!

We have also attached a range of colouring, cutting and pencil control activities that the children can complete if they would like to.