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Hi Reception,

We hope that you have had a great time exploring colour. As always thank you for sharing your pictures with us, we absolutely love seeing them.

This week our theme is " Celebrating Our time in Reception". Your Blue and Yellow Challenges this week are based on practising skills that you have learnt during this year reading for starting Year 1. Whereas your red and green are based on your memories of Reception and reminding yourself of just what you have done and what you have acheived. The rest of your activities are based on celebrating the end of the year as well as creating special memories for you to look back on in years to come. 

If you can't complete the challenges for whatever reason remember to: 

  • read for 15 minutes everyday 
  • spend 10 minutes practicing reading and writing a few of your phonics sounds
  • practice reading your tricky word cards (there is a list below if you need any more) 

Keep making time to explore outside, whether this is playing in your garden, going for a walk, riding your scooter or having a bike ride.   Don't forget to also have fun playing, baking, building and being creative. 

We still have access to Oxford Owl so don't forget to have a go at reading. Log onto to access a range of books . Remember to click My class log in and use the following details to find the books that follow the same scheme and book banding as those we send home. 

Username: millfields1

Password: 1234

Don't forget to also have a go at Numbots, to keep practising those key Maths skills. 

Have fun 


Miss Robinson, Mrs Moulson and Mrs Swindley


Red: Writing

We would like you to have a look through your Learning Book together with an adult, to take a walk down memory lane and remind yourself of all the fun things you have experienced in Reception but we would also like you to see just how much you have acheived. When you have finished, we would like you to write a sentence to explain what your favourite memory in Reception is. We would then like you to write a list of all the things you have learnt to do. Both of these you can then keep as a reminder of just how much you did during your first year in school. 

Yellow: Phonics

We would like you to practice reading and writing all the sounds in Set 2. This can be done by your adult asking you to write down different sounds or words or you can play the different games on Phonics Play or Phonics Bloom, choosing the sound you would like to practice. 


Blue: Maths  

We have added below a range of sheets that will help the children practice the different skills they have learnt throughout Reception. They can complete as many or as few as they would like. 


Green: Creative 

 Draw or paint a picture, to show your favourite moment in Reception. 


Additional Activities 

  • Sadly, we haven't been able to have sports day this year, can you create your own at home 
  • Create a special memory box based on your time in Reception. Fill it with pictures, notes, objects and anything else you can think of that reminds you of something you have done this year. 
  • Have a special party to celebrate everything you have achieved this year! 

Don't forget you can also choose to: 

  • Explore your books
  • Play in the garden
  • Dig in the mud or play in your mud kitchen
  • Play board games
  • Jigsaws 
  • Crafts: drawing, painting, playdoh, aquabeads ect. 
  • Building 
  • Playing with toys 
  • Role Play
  • Baking 
  • Play instruments 


Useful Websites  free to join and a wide range of ebooks, plus games and activities for all ages Free audio books written by David Walliams  online game which develops your child's reading