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Year 1

Hi year 1,

Here are some ideas for home learning just in case any of us find ourselves unable to attend school and learning from home instead.

English Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning series of games that’s helped millions of children learn to read. Play for free on the website or download the app.  free to join and a wide range of ebooks, plus games and activities for all ages.  The Oak Academy is a great resource to use at home.  Oak National Academy is an online classroom made by teachers. On the website are lots of different activities for your child to access under 'Key Stage 1'. This website is well worth using, offering a range of writing, spelling, reading and punctuation activities.



Here are some links to YouTube Maths video we enjoy watching. - Counting to 100 - Counting by 10s - Counting by 5s - Counting by 2s - More and less than - More and less than -White rose.  The creators of Times Tables Rock Stars have produced a platform for boosting number recognition, addition and subtraction skills, called NumBots. It is important that your child develops efficient mental calculation strategies to add and subtract two-digit numbers, so that they can leave counting on their fingers behind, and NumBots will help do this.

This website offers access to a wide range of maths activities