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Year 3


Hello and welcome to our Year 3 learning page!

If you are not able to come into school currently, do not worry. We have got some great learning that you can still keep yourself busy with while being safe at home. 



Currently in school the year 3 children are completing lots of work based around a variety of text types. Here is some lessons that you can use to learn about some of the features of non-fiction texts. These lessons fit perfectly with our geography topic of 'Rivers' that the children have all been learning about in school. 


One of the objectives in the year 3 curriculum is to be able to identify and use a range of common homophones and homonyms. The children will have learnt about some of these already through their weekly spellings. These quicka nd easy lessons will help top up their knowledge of these word types. 



In school currently, year 3 are completing lots of work based around measure and calculating perimeter of simple 2D shapes. Below is a link to a set of lessons covering similar areas to those currently in school. Start off at session 5 to pick up where the children have left off in class recently.  Again you don't need any extra resources for these, just some paper and something to write with. 

If you are after some extra work, try using these lessons below that will recap the key skills of multiplication and division. These are essential skills to master as they will help the children in many other areas of the maths curriculum as well.


If you are after any extra work or need a little more practice in a certain area, the White Rose home learning videos are all still currently available on their website. this is a great resource that the children are all familiar with using as it is often used in school. Look for the spring measures unit for what the children in school will be learning currently. 


For the Spring term our theme is:

What do you know about rivers of the world? 

Have a look  online and see what amazing facts you can find out about some of the largest rivers in the world. There are lots of great websites and videos out there just brimming with fascinating facts. See what you can find out and then put what you have found out together into a mini booklet of information using this template.

Not sure where to start? try looking up facts about these 3 famous rivers: The Amazon, The Nile and The Thames. 


Alternatively, try this simple set of lessons looking at rivers, their geographical features and uses. These lessons should recap some of the tings that the children have already learnt in school this term, alongside teaching them some new things as well. 



This website offers access to a wide range of maths activities


Remember to login to your Times Tables Rockstars accounts and keep practicing your times tables. Who will be the next rock legend?

 The children can use this same login to access Numbots. this is a great place to practice quick mental calcualtions. cna you make it all the way to diamond? 


Feeling arty? Use this link to a great YouTube channel filled with great art tutorials for kids. There is so many different things you can find to draw and create, see what creations you can find! 

Below is a link to the Oxford Owl free E-book library. There is a wide range of E-books available for your child to read on their own or share with an adult. You are required to create a login to access these but it is all free of charge. 

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning series of games that’s helped millions of children learn to read. Play for free on the website or download the app.


Got too much energy and feel the need to get active? Try some of these quick and easy exercise games that will get you moving in no time! You can play lots of them either on your own or with your family.