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Year 3


Hello and welcome to our new Year 3 learning page!

As we are unable to go into school currently all you work will be set using our Year 3 Google Classroom page. New work will be posted each day at 8 o'clock through the week with new tasks appearing eadch day. Don't worry if you can't do them straight away as they will be live all week until 5 o'clock on Friday so that I have a chance to go over your work form the week and get things ready for the folllwing weeks learning. 

Each day you can expect to find the following:

  • Maths work following the WhiteRose maths scheme we use in school. Each session will have a video link that explains to the children how to answer that days task. The task will be an interactive worksheet that the children fill in online and send back to me to see. Some of the sheets are set up to automatically mark the work so the children can get instant feedback on how they have done. These can be sent back to me electronmically for me to look at.
  • An english task. These will vary more with a variety of reading, wiriting and grammar tasks being set. The children can complete a lot of these electronically to send straight back, or you can choose to complete some of them with a more traditional pencil and paper if you wish. A phot of these can then be emailed over to me or attached to the task on Google Classroom.
  • Another task from a variety of subjects this could be Geography, History, Science, Art, DT, PE, RE or even Music. Again like before some of these can be completed electronically or through more traditional means. 

The children should all have their Google Classroom details stuck into the front of their reading records. If you have any issues logging in or cannot find the login details please let me know and we can get them online ASAP.


 For the spring term our theme is


Lots of your English and other tasks will be set around this theme covering lots of geography skills in the process. Hopefully this will give you all a chance to lern some incredible facts about the world that we live in.



If you are looking for extra or different work to complete why not try some of the following suggestions.


The children can also spend time practicing spellings from the year 3 and 4 word list or the high frequency word list. These words are used on a daily basis in writing across the curriculum.  See the file in Downloads for a list of the words.

The Oak Accedmy is a great place to look for engaging lessons on most school subjects. Use the link below to take you to their year 3 page where you can find everything you should need to get started. 


This website offers access to a wide range of maths activities


Remember to login to your Times Tables Rockstars accounts and keep practicing your times tables. Who will be the next rock legend?

 The children can use this same login to access Numbots. this is a great place to practice quick mental calcualtions. cna you make it all the way to diamond?


Below is a link to the Oxford Owl free E-book library. There is a wide range of E-books available for your child to read on their own or share with an adult. You are required to create a login to access these but it is all free of charge. 

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning series of games that’s helped millions of children learn to read. Play for free on the website or download the app.