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Year 6


Welcome to the year 6 home learning page.  If your child is absent from school, please use the following links for their home learning. If you have any problems, or would like to discuss this with me, please contact the school office and I will arrange a time to contact you.



This week we will be learning about the English Civil War. The link above leads to the BBC bitesize website, which will give some information about this event. Please use this information to make notes and research this topic ready for some writing in class next week.



We are currently practising skills in writing, with a view to producing a piece of narrative writing based on The English Civil War. The link above will take you to a series of lessons looking at grammar skills that will be useful for this topic. Please complete these ahead of our writing session in school.



The link above will take you to a number of lesson on decimals. We will be learning about perimeter, area and volume for the next week, so please make your way through each task. The videos will model each skill, so please watch these carefully and then practice them at home.



Below is a link to the Oxford Owl free E-book library. There is a wide range of E-books available for your child to read on their own or share with an adult. You are required to create a login to access these but it is all free of charge.

Please make sure your child is reading 15- 30  minutes each day please and remember to log on to the Accelerated reader website when you have completed your book. 


Kind Regards,

Mr Flaherty